Wednesday, 9 March 2016

THE DOG LADY (1.12.15)

Just when I thought I was having the the time of my life while getting 3.5 hours of explore-time, fate shows me there's more. At the corner of a street, on 3 to 4 layers of rugged old mattresses and cloth materials, there lay 5 dogs, including a pup, lazing around. Naturally, I started petting them. A woman, named Rose Heaven Francis, has been living on the streets with those dogs for the past 11 years. She takes care of them like they were her children. The first thing she asked me for wasn't money, or food for herself, but some milk so the dogs wouldn't have to sleep on an empty stomach. I talked to her for a little more than an hour, and I have learned more than any books could teach me. Her life has inspired me in all the great ways.
P.S. She isn't formally educated, but she can speak 8 languages fluently.
I'm going to take her interview whenever I get to.

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